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Tilda Friends Chambray Buttons Neutral 3/8" (9mm) 10 pieces

Tilda Friends Chambray Buttons Neutral 3/8" (9mm) 10 pieces

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For those of you who enjoy doll making, we have made tiny buttons for doll clothes. You can find some of our patterns for Tilda Friends clothes on Free Patterns Collections – scroll down to Cow, Fia Doll and Cat Kit. Or create your own! The buttons come in Dove White and Chambray in both cool and warm hues. 

Tilda Friends Chambray Fabric Buttons Neutral 3/8" (9mm) are 100% cotton fabric covered with metal core and come in packs of 10. A collection of beautiful Chambray fabrics with a lovely quilt quality. Woven with a colored weft and white wrap, the Chambray collection has a soft, rustic look that will work wonders for any quilt. Buttons are in factory wrapping.

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